​I am Chris, the Confidence Coach. CNS are the initials of my name and they stand for what I can do for you. I can help you get back to your Confident Nurturing Self. I know that you are here for a reason and I believe that you have found my coaching for a reason. Let me help you become your best self.

Do the following statements sound like you?
  • I am so alone.
  • I never seem to make the right choices.
  • I can’t get past my past mistakes.
  • I feel so much self-hatred at times.
  • I feel defeated before I even begin.
  • No one is ever there to support me.
As your coach, I can help you.....
  • feel supported and really listened to.
  • realize that everything that has happened, was an opportunity for growth and transformation.
  • stop judging yourself and learn to love and trust yourself again.
  • listen to yourself and believe that you do have the answers you have been looking for.
Who is Chris?
I am IPEC trained and certified professional life coach, CPC. I am also a member of the International Coaching Federation.  I have earned my ELI-MP; I can administer and debrief the Mirror assessment developed by IPEC International.  (More details about this assessment are on the packages page.)  I am also a motivational speaker and a CC and CL of Toastmasters International.  I was a public school teacher for twenty one years and fifteen of these years were at the high school level.​  ​I am also a mentor/supervisor for Kent State University student teachers and an active member of the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce.  I chose to become a life coach because I felt the need within my community and schools to become a force for positive outlooks and empowerment thinking.
Chris is a mother of an awesome twenty three year old daughter that went to college to become a teacher and is living in Columbus, Ohio.   Chris is also a wife of twenty-eight years to her wonderful husband, Phil.  Together Chris and Phil filled their empty nest with two crazy puppies that are a constant source of entertainment.  Chris is a definite beach fan and she travels as often as possible to fabulous locations.  
What life experiences does Chris have?