Get Motivated !

I would love to speak to your group or organization.  As a former high school teacher and a CC (a competent communicator in Toastmasters), I enjoy public speaking and would love to help energize your organization.

Since speaking engagements range in size and time length, please contact me directly to discuss the needs of your organization.

  • What is Sexy? (It probably isn’t what you think.)
  • The Thumb Perspective (Gratitude)
  • The Horse House (Don’t Judge a Neighbor by their House)
  • The Presents of Being Present (Mindfulness)
  • Bus Boy Benevolence (Humanity)
  • ​Letting Go of the Wheel (Allowing)
  • ​Where does your depth reside? (Authenticity)
  • What are you NOT seeing? (Hidden Self)

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