Get Your Confidence Back!

We know that we are not the teenagers of yesterday (gratefully) but who are we now? We have evolved into the person we were always meant to be!  Our depth of life’s challenges, sorrows, and successes have given us a depth of soul.  This depth of soul gives us beauty beyond what is visible to the naked eye.  We need to value our depth of life experiences and realize that these are the things that magnetically draw others to us. So often we try to only show others our mask and cover up the all of the beauty that we have developed over the years.  We need to start loving and trusting ourselves so that our authentic self can begin to shine through.  That is where the magic begins!

Why Should You Hire a Coach?

In today’s world we spend money on many things that give us only a moment of joy and then we are on to the next purchase.  We spend thirty to forty dollars on dinner out and we spend over a hundred dollars a night to sleep in a hotel.  We pay for massages, manicures, haircuts, and of course Starbucks!  Do any of those purchases change the way you feel about your life or the way you feel about yourself?  If you are like most people, they do not.  How much would you be willing to spend on a resort that promises to not judge you, to listen to and respect your opinion, and to help you see how wonderful your life is and how wonderful your future can be?
Being coached can feel like being at this wonderful resort but you don’t have to leave home to experience it.  It is only a phone call away to start moving in the direction of your most confident self!

Life Coach - Take Control
Packages that are being offered are listed below. You can also arrange for just a general coaching contract; details are below.
The Mirror Assessment - $99

Have you ever wondered why you have the reactions you do in different situations?  Did you ever wonder why you feel a lack of energy and enthusiasm for life at times?

This twenty minute assessment is for you!
After taking this assessment, we will schedule a forty-five minute debrief to explain how you are showing up in your life on a regular basis and under stress.

This assessment was developed by IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and only a coach with ELI-MP certification can administer and debrief this assessment.

Get your ``Confidence`` back package - Cost $900

This is a package for someone that seems to have lost the confidence sparkle and is ready to reclaim its radiance.  This is a nine week package that includes text and email in-between sessions as needed.  Throughout these nine weeks, I help to hold you accountable for the implementation of these new ideas and activities.

  • Let’s Evaluate the Parts of Your Life
  • What draws you to other people?
  • Uncovering/Discovering your Assets:
  • Stop the Negative Self-Talk
  • We Like to Move It, Move It!
  • Take on a Challenge
  • Dress It Up
  • Take it on Tour
General Coaching Contract

6 coaching sessions-must be used within 6 months of purchase $600

12 coaching sessions-must be used within one year of purchase $1000

Coaching sessions must be purchased in advance.  Since a coach holds you accountable for what you want to accomplish, the furthest distance from one coaching session to the next is one month.  The best results are obtained when coaching is done on a weekly basis.  Let the confidence come through!