Kent Life Coaching

Kent Life Coaching is being made available through CNS-Coaching LLC!  Kent State University, Chris Scantland’s Alma Mater, (the owner of CNS-Coaching) is a place of warm memories and fond traditions.  Being able to bring life coaching to the city that has meant so much to our owner, makes the profession even more meaningful.  CNS-Coaching offers life coaching at a caliber only trained and certified life coaching can offer.  Who needs a life coach?  Everyone can benefit from the support and intuitive listening of a certified life coach but especially someone who is lacking zest in their life.  So often we get so focused on what we think others expect of us or what we think we should be doing, that we don’t take the time to ask ourselves if this is what we want to be doing!  CNS-Coaching wants to help you listen to that little voice in your head that is telling you where your joy can be found.  If you know it is time to make some life changes but you either lack direction or support, a life coach is here to help!

Just like making changes in a city, change is sometimes a messy job and for a while obstacles are a bit tricky to navigate.  CNS-Coaching can provide you with the accountability partner you need to help remind you of your end goal and support you through some of those tricky detours.  The city of Kent has made some beautiful changes and maybe these transformations have inspired you to start the journey.  CNS-Coaching can offer you the support that a friend or a relative can’t.  CNS-Coaching has no bias on what is best for YOU.  A friend or a relative will try to steer your decisions in a direction that are most comfortable for them.  This is due to fear of the unknown or fear of how you will change if you stray from what is expected.  The only goal that matters to CNS-Coaching is the goal that you want to reach.  We support your desires, not our own.

By living your life with enthusiasm and authenticity, you inspire others to do the same.  You become a change agent for other people to start making some positive life decisions too. If you are ready to start this chain reaction of pursuing your potential, contact CNS-Coaching today!

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